One of my FAVOURITE tools for creating lasting change and incredible results, is journaling. Yet I'm finding so many women are either resistant to this process or find it frustrating AF.

After doing my research, I can understand why:

The way journaling is taught SUCKS!

I've designed this gorgeous prompted journal especially for you to show you a new way of finding alignment, flow and ease in your life every single day.

There is an accompanying training video to explain the psychology behind the process and the intention behind the words I've carefully crafted especially for you.


The Alpha Female Training Diary

The Alpha Female Evening Contemplation Journal

Your Instructor


Hey Gorgeous,

I'm Elle - I help people find their existing inner frequency of love and completion, in what is a true Alpha-Balanced Harmony of Love, Honour and Respect for ourselves and others.

With an honours degree in Psychology, a trained trauma councillor, certified life coach, Pranic psychotherapist, yoga teacher and more, I make it my mission to infuse modern day life with ancient wisdom to increase your personal well-being.

It's how I came to identify the Alpha Archetype, as everything is energy and tone.

It's time for men and women such as us to lead the way back to pleasure, love and romance, by giving ourselves permission to be truly happy.

This is your invitation to join our thrive evolution!

Course Curriculum

  Alpha Female Journal to Thrive
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  Bonus - Training Diary
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  Bonus - Introspection Diary
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