Step Eleven - Clearing my RELATIONSHIPS

Relationships - our mirrors, our teachers, our biggest areas of growth.

Deep breath.

This one will be challenging, and liberating!

It’s time to clear out the old energy which we so often find around relationships and realise that holding on to that which is out of alignment, is really painful for everybody.

I’m going to break it down into three categories for you:

  1.  The FAB AF category - those who inspire you, challenge you to grow, your circle of genius, your lover, your best friends, your favourite clients, your dream team
  2. The DRAB category - you can still recall a time when the spark was bright, but it’s been a little on the bleugh side lately.  However, you’re not ready to let go because you know you just have some stories to clear up and release.
  3. The RELEASE category - Hunny, it’s time to let them go in love.  They’re draining you, making you feel bad about yourself. It’s simply not aligned anymore.

Write down a list of all the people in your life at present.  Think family, friends, business acquaintances, colleagues, employees, clients.  Next, I want you to categorise them into FAB, DRAB and RELEASE.  

For your FAB - Write them a message of appreciation.  Whether an email, sms, a FB message, it can be a one liner.  It doesn’t matter. And make it specific. “Hey friend, I just wanted to let you know today that I really appreciate you for always inspiring me to be my best self just by the way you choose to have clean hair.”

For your DRAB - It’s time to do THE WORK from Byron Katie.  Oh I know I know. But hey, you said you still want to hold on to them.  So print out the sheets and get to work. Set the intention before the time that you’re going to release all triggers in the relationship so that you get to fully enjoy it once more.  Next, write ten things you appreciate about each person and focus on that every time you think about them.

For your RELEASE - By the time we’re ready to release others, there’s normally a significant amount of hurt.  It’s time to clear that up for you. Print out the Forgiveness Ceremony and do it for every person on this list.  Once completed, burn them and release the relationship with love.  

Forgiveness Ceremony.pdf
Judge your Neighbour-3.pdf