Step Eight - Clearing my WARDROBE

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That’s right Darling, we’re doing it the Marie Kondo way.

I know I know, I was sceptical at first but honestly, this methodology has transformed my wardrobe AND my relationship with my clothes.

Whether you've heard about it online, read Kondo's book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, or watched her new Netflix series, the innovative organisation method involves examining your personal connection with your items to decide what stays and what needs to be thrown in a bin bag pronto. 

My approach - BE RUTHLESS.

Kondo also delves into revolutionary new folding techniques so that you'll never have to hunt through a drawer again and why you shouldn't get bogged down by the past. The next few steps break down the KonMari method into five simple tasks that should seem achievable, rather than daunting. 

1. Break It Down

We start by breaking down your clothes into categories such as 'dresses', 'tops', 'shoes', and so on and so forth. 

Once you have your categories, you need to gather all of the items that fall into that bracket and simply chuck them in a big pile on the floor (OH THE HORROR!). This

may just seem like all you're doing is creating more mess but there is a method to the chaos.

2. The "Spark Joy" Test

By throwing everything together, you can see just how much stuff you really have.   The first time I did this, I was a little aghast. The next part is the most important. Kondo advises you pick up each item individually and ask yourself whether it "sparks joy".

Not a flicker.  Not a fond memory of happiness Darling.  It’s either an orgasmic “Oh YES YES YES” or it’s a fuck no.

Another crucial part of this methodology is thanking each item for the joy they’ve brought you before.  

No guilt for releasing that which is no longer aligned for you.

3. Avoid Nostalgia

When perusing your wardrobe, it can be easy to get too caught up in sentimentality. 

This one is especially relevant around pieces that were gifts from another or that you wore once to a special occasion but which has been gathering dust ever since. 

Darling, holding on to old clothes because of yesteryear would be like you still having sex with every lover from your past (hey, wipe that grin off your face!)

4. The "Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me About This?" Folding Technique

Ebury Reads on YouTube

I’m not even going to attempt to describe this to you.  

This video shows you exactly how. 

Pro tip: use shoeboxes to divide up your drawers into manageable sections. 

5. A New Way Of Hanging

Kondo also isn't a fan of traditional hanging techniques. Instead, she tells fans to hang clothes so that they rise to the right. This basically means hanging all your heaviest items (those that are long in length, dark in colour, or thick in fabric) at the left side of your wardrobe and the lighter pieces at the right. 

As someone who sees art in everything, I love how this feels on my eyes.

Journaling Prompts:

  • What were the thoughts that came up when you saw the piles and knew it was time to sort this shit out?
  • Which insights did you receive about your habits around clothes?
  • How did it feel once you were done?