Step One - BEAST mode on

Day One - Beast Mode On!

Download the attached PDF which will take you through the next 30 days of a Self-Confidence Booster through the Fighting Fit Fifty (FFF)

Download the attached Checklist to ensure all mischief gets managed

Journaling Prompts:

If I allow myself to connect to a deeper truth, why am I taking this journey? What is my soul guiding me to release? What is my soul guiding me to connect to?

What are the specific areas in my life that I would like to improve in the next 4 weeks? (think body / environment / relationships / professional / spiritual )

How would I like these areas to improve? (what is it that I want to experience in these specific areas?)

Self-Confidence Booster - FFF-2.pdf
C2C Module One-2.pdf
Alpha Training Diary.pdf