Step Ten - Clearing my EMPIRE OF IMPACT

Oh, can you hear my evil chuckle???

And you know why - chances are that you’ve been piling up those emails to read ‘one day’.

Well Cupcake, that day has arrived and guess what?

They’re going in to the netherland of “Deleted Items”!  

It’s time to clear your poor mind from the overwhelm she feels every time you boot up your laptop.

From emails we move to forms and systems.

From systems we switch to social media - clear out who you follow, who you're connected with, which groups you're in.

Make a copy of your C2C Online Account Management File and complete.

Clear out your inbox - here’s how:  if it needs to be actioned, you action it right away.  You only get to touch a mail ONCE! Any client or legal emails you file in a designated folder.  Anything else, you delete!  

Create a filing system for your empire.  Dropbox or Google Drive are really good tools for this.  All client documents get filed in appropriate folders.  

All financial sheets get actioned and filed.  If you don’t have a financial spreadsheet, make a copy of “Empowered Finances

Journaling Prompts:

  • What were your first thoughts when you realised you had to delete unread emails? And then, how did you feel afterwards?
  • What were your feelings as you culled your social media?
  • Which insights did you receive about your habits around your empire and the space you hold?
  • How did it feel once you were done?